This page is for those who are attending our annual St. George Trip scheduled for Oct 9-10. We will play 36 holes each day!

Many thanks to Jamison Frost and Kendall Sollis for allowing us to use their townhomes during this trip.


Monty’s Team;

Scott Elder, Scott Dalebout, Brandon Smith, Matt Weenig, Jeff Simmons, Monty Tate

Michael’s Team;

Jamison Frost, Kendall Sollis, Riley Risto, Curtis Blair, James Martinos, Michael Brown


Handicap Name

6              Jamison Frost

6          Scott Elder

10             Kendall Sollis
10            Brandon Smith 
12             Scott Dalebout

12            Riley Risto
12             Curtis Blair

12            Jeff Simmons
12            Matt Weenig 
12            James Martinos

18            Monty Tate

18          Michael Brown


Sunbrook on Friday (this course has 27 holes, three 9 hole courses)

Ledges on Saturday (9 holes on the Pointe course and 9 holes on the Woodbridge course)

LODGING ADDRESS (Who’s Sleeping Where)

We’re staying at Jamison’s and Kendall’s
Here’s Jamison’s address: 3780 Arcadia Dr., Unit 26, St. George, Utah, 84765

*** (see note below) Players sleeping here are;
Jamison Frost
Monty Tate
Scott Dalebout
Scott Elder
Matt Weenig
Jeff Simmons
Riley Risto
James Martinos

Here’s Kendall’s address: 2335 W. Sunbrook Dr., Unit 28, St. George, Utah 84770
*** (See note below) Players sleeping here are;
Kendall Sollis
Michael Brown
Curtis Blair
Brandon Smith

***NOTE: We realize that some players may choose to get there own place just to insure covid safety. If you decide to do that just let James Martinos know.


Friday Sunbrook Tee Times

9 holes on the Pointe course and 9 holes on the Woodbridge course


9 holes on the Black Rock course and 9 holes on the Pointe course



Saturday LEDGES Tee Times



Re-round as soon as we’re in and ready to go.


Friday’s Game – Morning 1st Round
Monty has determined the games and has come up with the following. Each players scores for his team will be used. This means that all 6 players scores will be added up. The total of Monty’s team agains the total of Michael’s team. The team with the lowest total strokes will win the morning round. Monty has determined that the most that you can take on a hole is a triple bogey so please score your cards appropriately.

1st Tee Time: Kendall Sollis – James Martinos – Monty Tate – Jeff Simmons

2nd Tee Time: Scott Dalebout – Michael Brown – Riley Risto – Matt Weenig

3rd Tee Time: Brandon Smith – Jamison Frost – Curtis Blair – Scott Elder

Friday’s Game – Afternoon 2nd Round

This round is a 2-Man Team Best-Ball. This means that their are a possible 3 matches. Whichever team that wins 2 or more of this format will be the winners of this game.

Monty has decided that if a team wins both the Friday morning game and the Friday afternoon game then the loosing team has to pay for the winning teams dinner that night. Of course this is up for debate when we get there and assumes that we all eat together.

1st Tee Time: Jamison Frost/Michael Brown vs. Scott Elder/Monty Tate

2nd Tee Time: Kendall Sollis/Riley Risto vs. Brandon Smith/Matt Weenig

3rd Tee Time: Curtis Blair/James Martinos vs. Jeff Simmons/Scott Dalebout

Saturday’s Game – Morning 1st Round

Wolf/Cobra with Handicaps Applied

1st Tee Time: Jamison Frost – James Martinos – Monty Tate – Scott Dalebout

2nd Tee Time: Kendall Sollis – Riley Risto – Scott Elder – Jeff Simmons

3rd Tee Time: Curtis Blair – Michael Brown – Matt Weenig – Brandon Smith

Saturday’s Game – Afternoon 2nd Round

Wolf/Cobra with Handicaps Applied

1st Tee Time: Scott Elder – Monty Tate – Jeff Simmons – Matt Weenig

2nd Tee Time: James Martinos – Brandon Smith – Michael Brown – Kendall Sollis

3rd Tee Time: Scott Dalebout – Riley Risto – Curtis Blair – Jamison Frost