Welcome to the 3rd Annual Utah Ryder Cup Event!

We are excited to host the 3rd Annual Utah Ryder Cup Event held on July 27-28, 2018 at beautiful Wasatch State Park. We have a total of 28 outstanding players…ok some are outstanding, ok a few are outstanding! Handicaps range this year from 1 to 18 and the teams are very balanced. We have split the team into two 14-Man teams and you can check out the pairings and tee-times here.

The following are the players and their handicaps;

Monty Tate’s Team (Team Color – Royal Blue and Maroon Shirts)


Monty Tate’s Team

Mike Blackham 1
Ky Papke 3
Curtis Olsen 5
Scott Elder 7
Jason Eakins 10
Brandon Smith 12
Rob Freeman 12
Dan Chambers 14
Matt Weenig 14
Dee Oldroyd 15
Scott White 17
Josh Cameron 18
Rick Bigalow 15
Monty Tate 18

Michael Brown’s Team (Team Color – Red and Silver Shirts)


Michael Brown’s Team

Ted Engelage 1
Ben Ewell 4
Brandon Martinos 5
Doug Berry 8
Scott Hardy 8
Kendall Solis 11
James Martinos 12
Riley Risto 12
Jon Robison 14
Jeremy Gines 15
Kyle Olsen 17
Bryan Paul 18
Jacob Martinos 18
Michael Brown 18