Here's the format for day one:

July 27th - Friday

8:30am. Two-Man Best-Ball on the Mountain Course

This will be a match play format.

2pm. Two-Man Alternate-Shot Lake Course

This will be a match play format.

We're using the modified alternate-shot method which means that each two-man team will hit their tee shot, then the team will select its best shot. Then each two-man team will hit from that spot again. Then they will select the best shot from that location. The player whose second shot was chosen will not hit the 3rd shot because they will be alternating from that point forward until the ball is in the hole.

July 28th - Saturday

9:30am. Single Match Play Lake Course

General Topics

  • How Your Handicap is Applied - We have paired each of you with an opponent of equal or comparable handicap ratings. Therefore, no individual or team is more than 1 stroke difference. We have decided that no further handicapping is required and each match will be played straight up.
  • Course Condition - If it rains the night before our match and the course is wet the following rules will apply.
  1. You are allowed to mark, lift clean and place your ball only if your ball is in the fairway,
  2. If you are standing in soft, wet, mushy fairway grass then you are able to lift, clean and place your ball to a dry spot but not closer to the hole.
  • Rules of Play - each player has the right to concede a putt and even the hole if they feel they can't win it.
  • Good sportsmanship is strongly encouraged since we all know and understand the history of the game and event. That does not mean you have to concede all close putts because it is part of the history of Ryder Cup match play and the pressure! Just use good judgement, have fun and make lasting friendships.

We will be using golf carts to speed up play for the event. No caddie, just the players.

  • Discussing Shots & Putts - Teams can help each other read greens if they want the help, but only from their playing partner. That includes club selection or providing info on what club was hit.
  • Normal Golf Rules Apply - meaning only 14 clubs in your bag, etc. We will not have rules officials so the players in each group may need to huddle and/or look up a rule online if it's not known or agreed upon.
  • Errant Shots - If you hit an errant shot that could be OB or lost then hit a provisional instead of looking for it and dropping near where you think it went out. If you find it then play it unless it's OB. Don't look for a ball more than 5 mins.
  • Etiquette - I have more to cover the day of the event such as etiquette and who plays first on each hole - just to make sure we all play by good Ryder Cup etiquette.... applaud good play from your competitor. Yes, fist pumps are allowed and encouraged! But no applauding a bad shot by your competitor.


Wasatch – Lake & Mountain

(blue tees for all players) If you’re 70 yrs old or older you play the white tees.


The cost for all 3 rounds will be $100. This includes your shirt. Elite IT Partners, Inc. is sponsoring the balance of the costs of green fees. Please bring $100 dollars to the course with you and give to Heather at the check-in table if you haven't yet paid.

Uniforms - Shirts

Each of you will receive a polo shirt for your team color. Each team has a captain (Monty Tate & Michael Brown). They will select you based upon your handicap and their knowledge of your game.

Monty Tate’s Team (Team Color – Royal Blue and Maroon Shirts)


Micheal Brown’s Team (Team Color – Red and Silver Shirts)


Team Selection & Captains

Team captains have selected their teams and are shown on the home page.

Determining your Handicap

If you have a USGA handicap, then provide that.

If you don’t have a handicap this is how we determined your handicap for the event.

We took the average your last 5 rounds and used the USGA method to determine each person’s handicap.

Example of USGA handicapping method. Par on a course is say 72. You shoot 85 regularly. 85-72=13. USGA uses an 85% of scores to determine your handicap. They take the best 10 scores out of the last 20 rounds to determine this. It's more involved than this but for our event I'll be using my sudo-method to determine your handicap assuming you don't have a USGA handicap.

If you have any questions you can reach me via one of these methods;

  • Email
  • Text or Call my mobile number at 801-916-3170

Please be on time for the morning meeting before tee off. This meeting will begin at 7:30am and the course is open at 5:30am for those that want to hit the driving range or putting green before we tee off.