Course Conditions

Play your ball down as it lies unless it’s in wet or marshy areas. Ask your opponent if they’re okay with the move. If there’s a question and you need a ruling, then hit a provisional and play both balls to the hole. We’ll sort it out with the captains at the end of the round if it really matters in the match. If the course is wet because they watered fairways and your ball has mud on it, then lift, clean, and replace.


Our welcome bags have hand sanitizer. Please use this liberally throughout the tournament to cut down on the possible exposure to Covid-19. Masks are not required. However, please limit congregating in groups to also reduce exposure as well.


Please be mindful of players during tournament play and use proper etiquette. As an example: 1. Don’t play out of sequence. 2. Don’t step on other’s lines. 3. Don’t drive off during opponent’s shot.

Flag Pin in Hole

We are playing that if the ball hits the pin and bounces away (a foot or less) from the hole (it’s hard to determine if it hit the noodle and bounced away),then it is considered in. The ball had to be rolling in order for this to apply. Your scorecard is exactly 12 inches and can be used to measure accordingly.

Pin & Noodles

We are playing that if the ball touches the noodle, then the shot is counted in. We’ve noticed that if they’ve watered the greens, sometimes the noodle floats out of the hole. If the ball hits a noodle, then it is considered in whether floating or not. If the ball bounces away from the hole after hitting the noodle, regardless of how far away it goes, it is considered in.

Sand Traps

Sand traps will not have rakes provided. If your ball lands in a former players sand divot or foot prints, then move the ball to a non used area in the trap (no closer to the hole). If the sand is obviously hard, packed, and wet then discuss with your opponents. Raking the area with your fingers and then replacing the ball will be acceptable. Just remember this is supposed to be fun, fair, and consistent to all playing.


Please keep individual scores on the Two Man Best Ball and Singles matches. Please do not do the win or lost the hole. We are keeping track of all your scores and will record them on the website. This will also be used to assist in future handicapping activities. For Alternate Shot, keep your team’s actual score (instead of the up & down) so we can post them as well.

Players 70 yrs+

Players 70 years or older will be playing from the White Tees. They are allowed to bump the ball up on any shot and are allowed to ground their club in the sand. It just seems fair and applies to all 70 and over. For the record Monty is the only one as old as dirt!